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More often than not, humans forget that their bodies also work like machines and they may experience some internal or external wear or tear. Human beings are active round the clock, and in the current times, even sleep is no longer peaceful or sound. In such circumstances, expecting your body to stay active and healthy without any external help is unrealistic and an extraordinary demand.

Although people consider pain as a symptom of other disorders, it is difficult to deal with chronic or acute pains as well. It is a highly experienced condition among men and women and now with new researches proving that women experience more conditions associated with pain, it is definitely proved. As people move towards old age, the painful sensations only grow intense and the occurrence of the pain also becomes more frequent. With bones and muscles both weak now, they are more prone to internal and external injuries than young adults.

There are two major classification of pain in the medical textbooks:

Acute Pain: A sudden and expected response to an injury or wound. It is starts abruptly and is usually cured with over the counter painkillers which diminishes the sensation in a short time period.

Chronic Pain: It is a prolonged sensation and usually surpasses the time it is required for healing of a particular injury or muscle tension. The criteria for characterizing chronic pain is that it will last more than three months at a time, at least.

Painful sensations are highly subjective and making them an objective thing is a grave mistake. One person who feels fine in a situation overtly may not be experiencing the amount of pain he is expected to be in. Similarly, a person who does not have any serious injuries might experience throbbing pain which is unknown to you at that time.

Causes of Acute or Chronic Pain:

The most commonly stated causes of both types of pain are either an injury or a surgery. Other than this, there are particular condition such as arthritis, cancer, spinal cord problems or cervical pain during which pain might become unbearable and cannot be controlled with over the counter medication. Headaches and back pains are common among women as they menstruate monthly. Pain in limbs and shoulders are also a common instance among men and women both.

How can you Manage Pain?

Pain is also known as a complex protective mechanism of the body and is generally an early sign of a severe condition. Some parts of the body are more receptive to pain as compared to others and some humans are more prone to experiencing pain. Their pain threshold is very low if they have trouble coping with simple procedures.

Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Percocet and Ultram are generally prescribed when the pain is not under control of Ibuprufen, Aspirin or Paracetamol. Some different kinds of physiotherapy and exercises are also recommended within the treatment plan to achieve maximum results in shirt period of time.