Losing Weight with Medicines: Quick and Easy

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Ever wondered by fat phobia is a real thing now? Many medical practitioners support body shaming movements and yet they spread awareness regarding the overweight conditions. How does it work? Does it mean hypocrisy? You can talk all about body shaming and how it affects one’s self esteem but the biological facts will stay true always. There are a number of medical conditions which only happen when you are obese or over weight and hence, dealing with excessive weight is far more than just doing regular exercise.

Many women and men consult general physicians who recommend them daily exercises or send them to good gyms, but they also make sure their patients know at which level they are and if they need any medical intervention. Most adults acquire serious problems once their weight gets out of control for them. Dieting and working out helps to an extent only, when the situation turns pathological, medication are as important as they are for any other medical condition.

Prescribed medications for weight are efficient, proven to have lasting effects and help in quick weight loss. But they are in no way a substitute for healthy diet or exercise. They can only provide maximum efficacy when taken with diet and regular work outs. If your body mass index (BMI) is more than 30, the situation is alarming for you. Even if you have crossed the mark of BMI 27, you may need medical interventions to help you tackle a medical problem.

Before prescribing a weight loss medicine, it is important that you and your doctor discuss your treatment response history in detail. Family background and family history of treatment is also very important in determining the course of the treatment for adults. A proper combination of life style changes, healthy habits and these medications are the only way of reaching your desired goals in the minimum time span.

Important Notes about Weight Loss Drugs

 Although drugs like phentermine and reductil are given only in dire needs they have some mild side effects you should be aware of before committing to a treatment plan. Nauseous feeling, vomiting or diarrhea might happen during the initial stages of treatment and may persist longer for some people. The frequency of serious side effects due to these drugs is close to zero but active observation is require if there are any adverse symptoms.

If you are taking weight loss drugs, you need to stick your routine and healthy schedule for them to work out and when you are off the drugs, your weight might come back faster if you leave your routine. The switch from these medication is not an abrupt one and should be administered under the observation of a professional.

How Long Can This Treatment Last?

Your combined routine will determine how fast you will lose weight or if you will gain it back or not. If the progress is close to nothing even after three to six months, you may want to change your drugs.