Dosage and Long-Term Effects of Zopiclone (Imovane)

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Zopiclone is known to be a tablet that helps you sleep peacefully and treats the condition of insomnia.  It also helps in stopping you from getting up from your sleep. Zopiclone comes in various forms. It can be found as tablets and people who don’t like swallowing pills can Buy Zopiclone online, but in order to do this, they should order it specifically from their doctor. This medicine is hard to find everywhere, so you can buy it only if it is recommended to you by the doctor you go to. Zopiclone can be found under the names of different brands and also in various forms.


Zopiclone (Imovane) assists in treating such people who are above the age of 18 and face trouble in sleeping patterns, also known as insomnia. This medicine helps you in falling asleep quickly and lessens the period of you getting up at night. It’s also beneficial for the temporary treatment of insomnia. This treatment lasts about 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Doctors don’t recommend people to intake Zopiclone for above 4 weeks at a time. If your doctor prescribes Imovane for different purposes to you, then you can ask him or her for the reason for the prescription.


Imovane tablets contain Zopiclone of 7.5 mg which is a very active ingredient. It comes in the form of cream crystalline powder or fine white powder with a 176 – 178C melting point. It is nearly insoluble in acetone. It is solvable in 0.1N hydrochloric acid as well as dimethylformamide.


The common starting dosage of Zopiclone is about 3.75 mg. Make sure to take this medicine right before you go to sleep whenever it is needed to assist you with problematic sleeping habits. The most appropriate dosage of Zopiclone for adults starts from 3.75 mg to 7.5 mg. As for older folks, 5 mg is recommended as a daily dose. This includes people who either have lessened kidney or liver functionality. Moreover, this also includes people who treat themselves with other specific medications.

This medicine may also be habit-forming. You must not generally take it for over 7 – 10 days consecutively. If you take Zopiclone every day for more than a few weeks that is a longer period, you have to make sure that you don’t pause the treatment of this pill without asking your doctor first.

There are a lot of things that can influence the dosage of Zopiclone. The negative side effects do vary in every person’s needs. For example, the weight of the body, various medical problems as well as several other medications. In case your doctor advises some other doses than what’s mentioned here, then don’t alter the action of in-take of this medication. It’s better to listen to what your doctor says.

Side Effects

Several medications have specific side effects. Zopiclone can make you dizzy, cause dryness to the mouth, and drowsiness. It causes agitation which is more normal for seniors. You experience light-headedness and aggressiveness. Moreover, it changes your behavioral patterns as well such as violent behavior, excitement, or hyperactivity. It causes restlessness, anxiousness in the daytime, and confusion. So make sure you visit your doctor first if you feel like these side effects are taking a toll on your health.