Codeine Mimics Endorphins, How?

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A perfect substitute when over the counter pain killers (ibuprofen, paracetamol or aspirin) are futile in helping with the pain, Codeine is an effective painkiller. It comes in effect soon and is only available to patients on prescription. Codeine is generally available in three forms in the market; a tablet, an injection and a liquid to drink up. Codeine’s habit forming characteristics are rarest when it’s taken to get rid of pain only. It is a drug for adults but children below the age of 18 can take this medicine when other alternative stop working or make little to no effect.


Besides relieving pain in acute or severe situations, it also helps in diarrhea. For lower strengths (especially in children) it comes mixed with aspirin or paracetamol. There are not many condition this drug is used except for treating pain.


In one single tablet there is 30 mg of Codeine phosphate hemihydrate, making it a highly effective drug. The drug provides a brilliant combination of an opioid (codeine) and a non-opioid (acetaminophen) pain reliever for instant relief. It works by changing the sensations received by brain to make your body feel relaxed once again. Once the brain is altered to pick up different signals, the trait characteristics of an analgesic are evident in the working of this medicine.


Since this is a prescribed drug, you have to use it as advised by the doctor. It is an oral tablet and there is no limitation of taking it with a meal. The dosage is determined by the doctor by observing the severity of the condition and taking notes of the treatment response.

Treatment of Diarrhea:

For a 30 mg tablet, adults can take one or two with a gap of 6 hours in between the tablets.

Dosage might increase or decrease during a long term treatment to observe different symptoms. It is highly recommended to use this drug as soon as signs of pain are evident, if you wait it out, this drug might not be as effective as it is when the pain is in the initial stages.

Conditions when you cannot Take Codeine

Buy Codeine online 30 mg strength only after discussing with your doctor about any existing conditions. If you have any of the following diseases or conditions, better to discuss than to wait for any adverse effects.

  • If you have had any allergic reaction to opioid or non-opioid pain killers in the past
  • If you are going through a treatment for seizures
  • If you have a rare weakness that makes your muscles go weak
  • If you are under treatment for a bowel condition
  • If your thyroid gland is diagnosed to be underactive

Side Effects

Withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Agitated behavior and feeling
  • May experience different levels of anxiety
  • Trembling or perspiration might happen

Mild Effects:

  • May cause constipation
  • May trigger nausea or vomiting
  • Can make you lethargic or sleepy
  • Parched mouth

Severe Effects:

  • Trouble in breathing
  • Blood pressure might drop leading to dizziness
  • Fits or seizures might happen