Ambien (Zolpidem): What Type of a Sedative Is It?

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Ambien (Zolpidem) is a sedative that is used for treating sleeping problems of people. Doctors recommend that it is correct to use this medicine after doing therapy for insomnia. When this medicine is great at treating sleeping problems, it’s better to take it the instant you feel helpless and restless so that you can sleep in peace.  


Zolpidem is best for treating people who have trouble sleeping. This is a condition called insomnia which is found mostly in adults. If you are unable to sleep peacefully, Zolpidem is like a day saver for you. It gives your brain a calming and relaxing effect and you should make sure you consult your doctor before taking it yourself.

It’s always better to get the expert opinion of your doctor before you go for medication. Zolpidem comes from a kind of drug that is known as sedative-hypnotics. It is not okay to use this drug if you can’t sleep for 7 hours or else it will leave negative effects on your health and brain.


Zolpidem comes in 10 mg in the form of a tablet and contains many ingredients such as magnesium stearate and potassium bitartrate, etc. Doctors don’t advise the intake of this drug with a meal or after you have eaten your meal because then it will not be as effective as you want it to be. It’s advised to eat it when your stomach is empty and eat it directly by putting it into your mouth. 


The dosage of this drug is best advised by every person’s doctor. The doctor studies your medical health and condition and then suggests you the dosage accordingly so it is effective for you and does not do you any harm. If you can sleep for seven to eight hours, then you can take this medicine. If you know you have work or any other errand to run and you can’t wake up early when you are sleeping late, then you shouldn’t take this medicine. Otherwise, when you wake up, your brain will feel a lot tired and your brain may start losing some memory.

The dosage advised by doctors also depends on the age of an individual, his gender, and if he or she takes other medications as well or not. It also depends on how the individual or medicine is responding to the treatment. It’s advised not to take above 10 mg of this sedative in a day.

Moreover, women are recommended a much lower dose because, in men, this drug disappears faster than it does in women. People in old age are prescribed an even lower dose so that the side effects don’t harm them. You may experience some trouble while taking this medicine at first, but eventually, you will be used to it and you will be able to sleep properly.

Side Effects

Every drug has side effects. You may experience dizziness and if any of the side effects gets severe, you must visit your doctor immediately. Your dose will also be adjusted if you experience this. There is also an allergic reaction that this drug leaves on you. But it’s rare so if you experience any such symptom, you can contact your doctor and get yourself checked. You can easily Buy Ambien 10 Mg (Zolpidem) online to ensure a calm and peaceful sleep.